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Warzone Airsoft Provinding Good Quality "Battlesim" For The Airsofter That Got Bored Of Skirmsih


Welcome to Warzone Battle Simulation Events, the UK's newest and most exciting battle simulation airsoft event organiser.

Our goal is to swiftly become the 'go to' organisers when UK airsofters want to experience battle simulation at its finest.


We don't provide any kind of 'diet' military simulation. Instead we solely focus on the kind of hard core and kick ass events that take you to your breaking point, laugh in your face and then push your tired carcass over the line. To do this we combine MOD FIBUA sites, large private sites and massive forest commission areas with long burn events which are normally around 30 to 35 hours in duration.


Please feel free to browse the website and get a feel for what we are all about. We know you will like what you see.


The Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) document will likely answer any questions you have in relation to our rules and procedures but if you still have questions please dont hesitate to get in touch and we will get back to you quickly. You can find the SOP's under the DOCS menu above, along with some other interetsting inteL.


BBC NEWS Reports today of a “Serious Incident”


NATO warship fires on two Russian fighter aircraft in the sky’s over the Black sea off the coast of Turkey today.


This comes one month after two Russian fighter jets were downed by Turkish surface to air missiles when the two Russian pilots were killed.

Russian warships have retaliated by destroying two NATO cruisers in the area.  Its unclear at this time as to the number of casualties.


 An emergency meeting has been held by “Cobra” in Downing street by the chief  heads of staff.


The UN forces have been put on full alert and NATO forces have  assisted where they could but they were concerned primarily with locating SAM positions and preventing any further attempts to deny UN control of the airspace in the area.


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"Dave, I feel I should say a massive, massive thank you to the organisers, the actors, other teams but most importantly you and Mark for putting in the hard work and time to organise events like these. It was without a doubt. The best airsofting experience I have been on - you have another customer for life"



"I just wanted to say , on behalf of Team Cerberus and Top Hat Airsoft, thank you so much for the weekend! Of all the games we have played including operations in France, Operation Sledgehammer was the best yet! We really appreciate all the hard work and effort the Warzone team put in to make the weekend what it was, and it really payed off! As soon as details are out for the next event we will be getting our bookings in! Thank you again and roll on the next OP!"



"Guys, just want to say a massive thanks to you all. The Delta Renegades have had a awesome weekend, we loved every minute and we can not recommend you guys more, epic! Big thanks to David Pullen, Mark Ellis Owen ,Kevin Field and John Wright from all the Delta Renegades Airsoft Team"

Just some feedback from our recent events, there is oh so much more...


Mission: Operation Storm Force


Location: Sennybridge


Site: M.O.D FIBUA CQB Site


Date:  15-16th April 2017


Days       Hrs      Mins       Sec


Mission: TAC-OPS


Location: Manchester


Site: Trojan Airsoft CQB Site



Date:  25-26th March 2017

In 1991 the small village Misk found itself surrounded by Serbian forces who blockaded the two main roads into and out of the town.

Their purpose is to destroy the will of the local population and force any KLA sympathisers from the area.

Commander, Rossov from the Serbian armed force has moved the second mountain brigade to support a push into the town and close the grip even further.


After two weeks of being blockaded by the Serbs the local Croatian population have now called a town meeting to find a way forward, they either stay and fight or they become another victim of Serbian aggression.



Warzone Battle Simulation

If you are attending one of our Battle Simulation Events

Please take just 10min’s to watch our Event Safety Briefing.

Gate's Open on Friday 14th in the evening at 19:00hrs  7pm



TAC ops main page2

Days       Hrs      Mins       Sec


( Tactical Operations )

During our battle simulation events in 2016 we have been asked by our customers for more Tactical Operations.


Understanding that not all of our customers may have the necessary skills to confidently complete such missions.


We have, on a number of events, given some sections training on how to complete specific missions and run through the assault sequence time and time again until it run like clockwork.

07th March 2017

14th March 2017

I can safely say that all the missions that were approached in this way didn’t fail.

Quite a number of you would have been subjected to our VIP kill or capture rule but many of the prisoners weren’t searched in the correct manner and on a number of occasions we called players back and showed them how to carry out a thorough search which revealed vast amounts of intel. (Never trust a prisoner!)


So this year we are running mission based exercises.


TAC – OPS (Tactical Operations).


Over the next few months we will be hosting TAC – OPS events to provide players from the newcomer to the ex service personnel, with new or renewed skills that will be required for our future events.


TAC – OPS will be based on modern warfare driven by some awesome Airsoft training personnel from 22 SAS, (A SQUADON)

& Royal Marines to name a few.


So what will each event involve?

Each event will be a structured 30hr exercise involving classroom instruction, handouts, putting into practice what you have just learnt and then running some full-scale airsoft missions within a controlled environment.


Theory, practice, mission briefing, training for mission, assault / mission, de-brief.


This will be followed on the Sunday with strategic missions against unknown number of enemy forces up until lunch time and then if you wish to join in with a normal type skirmish to finish you off for the day and play through to about 5pm if you wish.

There will be down time if needed and you are more than welcome to bring a camp bed and food & supplies and the means to cook your food.

Map Europ

Map updated JANUARY 2017

TAC- OPS   1+2                                            25th - 26th March 2017

Battle Skills Level .01


•  Section breakdown and hand signals.

•  Weapon handling and movement.

•  Radio Communications Level 1.

•  Fire and movement reaction to effective enemy fire level 1.

•  Communication under enemy fire.

•  Duties of a sentry and challenge procedures. Level 1.

•  Fire control orders and target identification.

•  Section attacks level 1.

•  Night time operations Level 1.



CQB (Close Quarter Battle) Level 1.


•  Section based building entry

•  Room clearance techniques Level 1.

•  Team communication and hand signals

•  Threat exposure & assessment

•  Safe movement methods staircases and corridors

•  Method of building and room entry.

•  Command and control level 1.

CTT (Counter Terrorism Techniques) Level 1.


S.E.R.E. (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape)

Protective Security Formations


Defensive Tactics

Objective: The student will have a working knowledge of unarmed defensive tactics also level of threat assessment.                                        

The student will be able to effectively implement techniques against armed and unarmed attackers.


SCS (Surveillance and counter surveillance) Level 1

•Surveillance background & types

•Target acquisition

•Intelligence gathering and reporting

•Basic counter surveillance


Objective: The students will learn, understand and demonstrate a basic understanding of surveillance and counter surveillance and how that understanding can be used to infiltrate and manipulate the enemy.

On satisfactory completion of the course,

the student will have enhanced Airsoft battlefield skills.

'A' Squadron's own former SAS Bob Podesta.                                        Bob spent 27 years in the British Army. During his career he excelled himself on the toughest military training courses; travelled the world, operating and thriving in some of its harshest environments; and received a nomination for bravery when faced with a hostile force which outnumbered his small patrol 30 to 1.

A Squadron logo BOB PADOSTRA

Meet some of the training staff.


Trojan Airsoft

Olympus CQB Site,

Weir Mill Viaduct Street,

Stockport   SK30AG


Located in Stockport just off the M56 and minutes off the M60 this old mill has 4 massive working levels made up of corridors, offices, purpose built kill houses, bio labs and medical research centres, along with warehouse levels and a massive purpose built street scene level.


There is a shop on site for all your airsoft needs and toilet facilities are also available.

Deposit Discount

Days       Hrs      Mins       Sec

Ian Edwards-Jones; I have served in the British armed forces for over 23 years in a quantity of extreme hostile environments.


During my career, I excelled on the toughest commanders military courses such as a Brigade Reconnaissance Controller, Jungle Warfare Instructor, CQB, Weapons and tactics Instructor, Range Qualifications 1-5 also deploying as a Sniper.  


As a Tactics Instructor, I designed, mentored and delivered training programmes for individuals and large groups, audiences from Special Forces, foreign nations police forces and a variety of overseas military forces.

IAN 01 IAN 02

After leaving the military I`ve been employed as a Security Consultant for an assortment of Private Security Companies in Afghanistan and Iraq.  This period comprised of managing high security projects and surveillance protocols, instructing for the British National Crimes Agency (NCA) and safeguarding Diplomats and VIP`s for the British Embassy.


I am an expert in my own field with a high level of specialist qualifications and experiences followed by government recommendations and admirations.  With my extensive background, I can deliver realistic scenarios that challenge the individual, teams and large groups both physically and mentally.



Days       Hrs      Mins       Sec




Mission based exersizes will be 30hr learning programs.

Run in assoccation with former Security Services,

22 SAS  (A Squadron)

Royal Marines.

Parachute Regiment

You now have the oppertunity to learn and train with our countries finest.

Gate's Open on the Saturday Morning at 09:00hrs



25-26th March 2017

29-30th April

Bookings will close in.

Days       Hrs      Mins       Sec


10th April 2017

The war continues, KLA with the help of KFOR have been able to hold the Serbs to allow for humanitarian workers to come in and provide food and medical supplies to the population.


The region has been recently been hit by a severe storm and power lines and other supplies have been cut off to the weaker defended towns in KLA control.

With KFOR being pushed by govenments for search and rescue of flood hit villages the Serbs see the opportunity to push into a key village of Misk as its ideal for Serbian artillery to take position from the town and use it as a forward battery for hitting the stronger KLA held villages nearby.

As communications are cut due to the storm the KLA must hold off the Serbian aggression until they can find a way to restore communications and request reinforcements.


The defence of Misk begins……………………………….

Team P.W.P


It seemed like only yesterday the guys from P.W.P and myself were organising out first Warzone event. I was surprised when we arrived as it raised the bar for us as usual skirmishers. The event itself took us out of our comfort zone and straight into an on-going epic campaign, blood sweat and tears were shed over that weekend allowing us to leave feeling educated and like we achieved something.

Overall the event opened our eyes to the tactics, operating procedures and what to expect in conflict situations.


When the next instalment came around, as a team we felt ready and prepared for this event leaving our skirmish roots at home and re-applying everything we learnt from the previous event. Operation White Shadow had a lot of variety in situations and had enough pyro to keep everyone from milsim players to skirmishers on their toes, making it a very eventful weekend.


Which is why when Operation Golden Eagle came around we had to go and rejoin S.A.F again and continue our fight. Yet again this was an amazing event, with both day and night missions, well organised command structures and realistic props made this Op our best one yet. Which is why I am more than happy to return and continue to do so.


We found the use of vehicles and attention to detail helped add to the tension and the ability to search and take prisoners in tense building to building contacts all helped add to the experience.


The staff at these events are well mannered, friendly and willing to offer any help you may need throughout the weekend. The command structures and the way the event runs out is well organised and a genius medic system manages to keep everyone on the ball and ready to fight at all hours. It has really made us guys from P.W.P really appreciate milsim and we cannot wait to return.

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