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We are Warzone Battle Simulation Events and our goal is to break the status quo.


Warzone is made up of a small group of experienced and like-minded airsofters that are tired of the way the term 'military simulation' is missued in the UK airsofting scene. In order to provide high quality events we have decided to come together and create our own events under the banner of Warzone Battle Simulation. Our members have a a great deal of airsofting history and back this up with years of large scale event organisation experience. Some of the members have military experience whilst others have background in small business, project management, instruction, engineering, survival, military skills, photography and graphic design.


Ultimately we aim to become the UK's premier war-gaming company.


Unlike some event organisers we do not misuse the term 'milsim' and Warzone's events are designed to appeal to those players who are entirely sick of skirmishing or those hardened military simulation participants that want to challenge themselves. Whilst we totally understand that there are other excellent milsim providers in the UK, the fact is that there are simply not enough events being delivered on a regular basis and those that are are often oversubscribed, overpriced and subquality. We want to increase the frequency of high quality events and have fun doing it!


Because the term milsim is so overused (everyone has their own 'flavour') we decided to push away from it and try to start something different. Battle Simulation aims to take the best parts of military simulation (realistic set of scenarios, a clear and effective command structure, clear objectives etc.) and combine it with airsoft in a much more fluid way that is previously seen in the UK. We also aim to deliver as much particpant immersion in the event as possible at all times.


Ultimately, at the end of the event we want everyone to go home with a sense of personal achievement, having learned new skills or tactics, made new friends (or rivals!) and having discovered more about themselves and their own limits.



Dragon has been playing airsoft for over 15 years and has, at some point, attended events run by every major military simulation provider in the UK. He was one of the founder members of Assault Troop way back in the early 2002 and has been highly active since. A regular attender of Tier 1 and Sterling events he has made many professional contacts amongs the milsim 'elite' in the UK and is a driving force behind Warzone.


Dragon has a love of all things that explode, spark or burst into flames. If you look out for fireballs or loud booms you will probably find him close to hand with a massive smile and a slightly charred look on his face...


Dave Pullen I DRAGON I WZ-01

Mark is ex military and has been playing airsoft for 3 years originally starting with another team but moved to Assault Troop when he realised that they offered the atmosphere and ethos that he craved and couldnt find elsewhere. In only 3 years he has managed to attend some serious military simulation events run by the likes of Tier 1 and Sterling and now wants more...


Along with Dragon he has masterminded Warzone. On the battlefield you will likely find Mark shouting at everything that will listen in an effort to encourage them for that 'one last push'.

Mark Owen I REX I WZ-02




Click here to find out more about Assault Troop, North Wales premier military simulation team founded in 2002.


We have surveyed the national average airsoft skirmish sites around the UK and were  surprised when we analysed the results. As you will see below, Warzone Battle Simulation Events provides superb value for

money compared to other game site and event providers.


Typical Skirmish Site  


Approx Total Hours Gaming - 5

Cost - £25

Cost Per Hour - £5.00


Other Event Providers


Approx Total Hours Gaming - 15

Cost - £85

Cost Per Hour - £5.60


Warzone Battle Simulation Events


Approx Total Hours Gaming - 34

Cost - £78.00 (early booking)

Cost Per Hour -  £2.29