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The urban sniper can be one on the most useful weapons on the battle field.

They can report back to HQ:

Troop movement, numbers, locate enemy targets and take them out.

Then they disappear just like that!

You will more than likely be given tasks that will push the boundaries of your abilities of an Airsoft Sniper so may we suggest that you get to know your weapon well.

You will be sent out as a two man unit often provided with a rifleman as a spotter / backup.  

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Military Battle Simulation (MBS) airsoft generally combines airsoft with some military live-action role-playing elements, strict command structures, limited downtime and progressive missions with overarching objectives.


This type of play may be considered "hard core" by many players because of the heightened amount of role playing and soldiering involved. Normally, several goals or missions are be assigned to each force, along with a basic load-out limitations on weapons, ammunition, rations and radios. A key element in Warzone's Battle Simulation games is the use of low-capacity and mid-capacity magazines only, replicating the actual magazine capacity of the authentic firearm the airsoft gun is imitating. Examples of these include the 30 round magazines of the M4, M16, Type 89, SCAR-L and several others.


Teams remain in the field or 'in game' for the duration of play, only returning to a staging area (START POINTS) or (END POINTS) or "safe zone" for medical emergencies and for other special circumstances. Military Battle Simulation events can often last a number of days and Warzone's generally aim to last around 34hrs.


Battle Simulation requires players to adhere to an agreed level of uniform authenticity and to play as part of a team. Occasionally, teams may use specific uniforms on either side, but usually players dress in a variety of military or paramilitary clothing to their liking as long as it falls within the force restrictions. This is to aid in target recognition and prevent participants having to wear coloured armbands which detracts from the realism.


These events are attended by members of the general public, members of the Territorial Army, active service personnel and even members of the police force and are all people who regard this sport as their hobby.

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Air Support


Air support must be requested by section leaders & through your chain of command during the event.

Its use is devastating and extremely accurate but you only have a limited suppy of ordance so use them wisely!



Artillary strikes must be requested by section leaders  and through your chain of command during the event, its use is relatively inaccurate so you must request adjustments to get your ordance onto the designated  target.



Casulty Evacuation

This must be performed once each section uses up all of their medic tags.

All of your section then must return to their forward operating base for medical treatment and re-supply of medic tags

Night Missions


Night time opperations are carried out during the hours of darkness.

Planned and excecuted to mainly kill or capture high value targets, using breaching charges to gain access to secure buildings and compounds.



Civilian's will be living within your area of operations.

You must protect and defend them.

How they react to you depends on how you treat them!

night visoin 3 Prisoners Land Rover


Prisoners Of War


If you are unlucky enough to be taken as a prisoner of war, don't expect to be treated too well.




Quick Reaction Force


If you need backup "NOW"!

Call for your Q.R.F

This section will be heavily armed and can turn up at a minutes notice to support you!



Section Radio Operator Section Medic Section Support gunner

Battlefield Commander


Battlefield Command is the art and science of battlefield decision making and leading soldiers and units to successfully accomplish their missions.

Commanding consists of assigning missions, prioritizing and allocating resources, selecting the critical time and place to act, and knowing how and when to make adjustments during the fight.

The basic elements are decision making, leading, controlling, to prioritize, and allocate assets required to employ and sustain combat power.

You must be able to process information faster and strike more precisely and quicker.

Section Leaders must provide the commander with timely and accurate information on which to base the commander's decisions.  

To apply for this role please email:                                                                                                                                  

Characters in more detail

Section Leader  (1st  I.C.)


A Section Leader is usually is in charge of up to 14 soldiers of rifleman rank, and will be required to select and be assisted by a second-in-command, (2nd I.C.)  or Team Leader.                                                    


Your role is to carry out orders given to you by your Battlefield Commander and assist the Battlefield Commander in providing up to date, accurate information from the Battlefield as your mission is executed.

You will be responsible for your section, often assigning sub missions and prioritizing & allocating resources, selecting the critical time and place to execute your tasks.

Radio Operator


The purpose of a radio operator is that of providing accurate, timely information which command decisions are based. Radio operators are a great asset in events and when used properly are both functional and add greatly to the experience.  

Radio operators should be fully versed on their use and have fairly proper radio procedures before using them in games.

Like in real military situations they are sporadically functional and Murphy’s law states they will go out when critically needed, this too adds to the realism.

Have an alternate means to communicate and insure that your plan does not rely entirely on your radio comms.

If you take on this role for your section please email us, for our Radio Comms Information. Email:

Section Medic


As a section medic you will usually be given the task by your section leader or team leader.

Your role is vital to the success of your section, it is a role that is given to the smallest, most agile member of the section and you will find yourself in high demand at times by your team mates.


So we feel that as a valued member of the team, they should look after you.

So that is what they will do! By all assisting and prioritising you if you are hit!  

Email us and we will send you your Medic Rules



Support Gunner


As a support gunner you will have to carry a support weapon such as a SAW or similar not just an assault rifle with a box mag.

You should be given a number two to assist in observation and your protection on the battlefield.


Your main objective is to provide overwhelming fire power to suppress your enemy and to cover your section while in the process of their mission.

You will be able to carry two full box mags at any one time.





As a Rifleman it will be your job to protect your section in its mission, to protect civilians and to weed out enemy forces.


Hunting down your enemy, kicking in their doors and smashing the fecking teeth in of any enemy forces that try to stop you!  


You are the sharp edge of the knife, so cut deep, never give in & never surrender and never leave a man behind!


Battlefield medic on sean yugoslavia-Villagers POW Sniper01 brown men


U.N. Forces          


United Nation Forces must also be requested by section leaders through your chain of command during the event. They can be requested to drive a wedge between two sides to keep the peace.  

Do not shoot them as they can call for massive Air Support onto your position.

Special Forces


Special Forces Mission's

Usually carried out during night time operations, they are extremely well planned missions.

Executed buy well trained teams whos ethos is that failuer is not an option.

If your team wish to apply for a SF  Role email us!