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The Sites:




A-Troop's main site is based in Afonwen near Caerwys. It consists of 96 acres of adjoining fields containing a mix of densely forested areas and open, rolling fields. This gives us the scope to make most small to medium size operations possible.


With a stream running southerly through the site and well defined outer borders, the site is completely closed off from the public, making use of this fact allows us to incorporate some imaginative battlefield pyrotechnics that provide the sort of atmosphere you would expect on a small scale battle field which helps us to enjoy our sport that much more.


Afonwen is situated on the side of a mountain and runs into a deep wooded valley, so as you can imagine the going can be a little hard on the legs, but if it wasn’t hard then we wouldn’t be playing there anyway!


This gives us the term affectionately expressed by most A-Troopers as “A-Troop, go home tired”. 




A-Troops secondary site is based in the northern segment of the massive Clocaenog Forest in North Wales. It is, as far as we know, the largest non military training area and airsoft site in the United Kingdom.


Clocaenog Forest covers well over a staggering 3 square miles of beautiful Welsh countryside or 11 Kilometres of an Airsofters paradise or nightmare, depending on your way of thinking.


The site itself is covered heavily in tall coniferous forests, tracks, roads, quarries, lakes and reservoirs. This vast scope of features makes for a fast paced and difficult place to play. It is truly a sight to behold and will take your breath away with its sheer size.





A-Troop focuses more on the raw edge of Military Simulation.


Our games are designed for players that are looking for a more down to earth military simulation where drills and tactics are more important part of game play. We don’t use marshals on our site as each section has a command structure which deals with discipline within the squad.


Players will be expected to carry all their kit on them and to live out of their rucksacks or bergans for the whole of the event.                        

Our events can be extremely challenging at times due to the nature of our game play and the environment in which we play.    


So if you are the sort of player that prefers lunch from the back of your car, frequent contacts and fast pace action then Assault Troop is not for you.


On the other hand, if you prefer detailed Milsim, mission planning, long range patrolling and scenarios that will test your field craft skills  and battle drills then A-Troop is what you have been missing all your life.


We know that there is simply nowhere like it anywhere else...




Today, the Troop still lives on stronger week by week doing what they do best, by providing players with the skills and knowledge to overcome any situation we put them in.

We have become more than just a group of Airsofters, we are a group of close friends who look out for each other both on and off the battlefield often visiting each other homes and cracking opening a few tins over a curry, the odd BBQ or two, and then at Christmas we all go out for a meal.

This camaraderie along with the intense training allows us to gel extremely well as a team, this is without question one of the things that I personally find rewarding about the type of airsoft we provide and the type of events we hold.


A-Troop is run on a purely non-profit basis with the prices of the games covering only the land rental from the land owner and the expenses of the day. All excess funds go back directly into the running of the team, the improvement of the sites and their environments as well as donations to our nominated charity.




A-Troop has always had a joining process in place in order to vet likely members on their attitude. This is to protect the integrity of the team and retain the high standards we expect of ourselves.




Assault Troop places a lot of effort and time into maintaining a full and impressive training plan. Using the knowledge of ex-military and current serving instructors we provide simply the best military training you can receive outside of real combat troops. With regular weekend courses in everything from basic combat skills to advanced field commander weekends and difficult sniper training we cover all bases.


Members can only be promoted in Assault Troop after having successfully completed certain training sessions and courses in a style very similar to the Armed Forces.


This is just one of the things that make us so different from skirmish sites.



What the players have said about Assault Troop:


Debs  Rubicon.

25th – 26th September 2010


"You cannot underestimate the magnitude of the sit. On driving to the site it stretches for miles and is situated on forestry commission land. On entering the playing area you feel as though you drive for miles before arriving at the safe zone."


"Everyone present was really friendly and very supportive, as a female airsofter you expect sceptical looks on if you can play, none of this was shown and no comments passed. I felt instantly at home and would recommend the site to any airsofter male and female.

This is a very professional site. Everyone was asked to chrono guns even if previously used on the site. We all received a full safety brief and mission brief. Medics were detailed and were told what channels for the radios in case of an emergency, full med pack was also available. In the welcome pack that everyone received it had a laminated map, whistle and emergency contact numbers in case they were needed even down to Heli Vac if required".



Paul Rowlands.

“A-Troop offered the airsoft experience I was looking for. An experience where I could practically use my knowledge, and skills in a way that I could enjoy the airsoft sport more. Being an ex cadet instructor I still wanted to play soldier as it were and found that A-Troop immerse their members and players into as close to a realistic situation as possible. The use of maps, radios, command structure, tactical fighting and field craft attracted me to join the troop”.



Jonathan Hodge.

“A-Troop really set the standard of airsoft. After finding A-Troop by chance on the internet and having no knowledge of airsoft I was instantly drawn to the idea. The in-depth storylines and professional game play that A-Troop strive to achieve, this is what keeps me coming back. The variety of sites and scenarios makes A-Troop the perfect place for anyone to learn now skills and have one hell of a day’s airsofting. I've been welcomed to the team and can see myself playing with the troop for years to come”.



Graham Tallon.

“I found the A-Troop website while searching on Google. I emailed Dave and arranged to come up and have a game. That was it, I was hooked. Life got in the way and it was over twelve months before my second game. I play at A-Troop because of quality of the members and games that are played there. I did try paint ball but didn’t like the games. They all seemed to consist of running around like a headless chickens shooting anything that moves. The mil-sim games that are played at A-Troop are what I enjoy most and with a well disciplined team showing me the ropes. I have a lot to learn but hope that playing with A-Troop will give me the knowledge and skills needed to become a good player”.



Paul Betts.

“I first discovered airsoft years ago while surfing the net looking for an air rifle. It grabbed my attention right from the start. I started to explore all kinds of sites but most seemed to be a place to play dress up or somewhere to go and have a quick skirmish, but I wanted something more. Then I came across A troop, a non-profit making club run by players for players."


"There are no brightly coloured marshals in game to give away yours or the opponent's position, it's a full-on milsim experience. Off I went for my first game and the rest as they say, is history! I've made some great friends at A-Troop, learned a lot about military tactics and I love our big games up at AO. But hey, its not all about the game, the BBQ and beer sessions are second to none! I can see myself playing with the Troop for years to come or until I am dishonourably discharged”.

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Warzone Airsoft Battle Simulation Events is brought to you by Assault Troop.


Assault Troop has been running military simulation events since 2004. We are a group of like-minded individuals, serving and ex military service men and women as well as civilians who were bored with just playing the standard skirmish type of airsoft and wanted to create something with a more realistic feel.


Events started to take place quickly after we had located a site in Afonwen and Denbigh in North Wales however as with many fledgling projects, members were gained and lost slowly over the following years.


Since then, the team and its influence have grown and Assault Troop has become a well trained and well maintained group of Airsofters who run the troop as a club. We are a non-profit club so all of our funds go back into running our sites and the club.


Our aim is to quickly and totally immerse the player in a very realistic and demanding military operational scenario and

maintain that level of realism throughout the game giving you, the participant, a genuine sense of achievement on completion.


After a couple of years of just visiting milsim events around the country, we feel that it is time to turn the tide once  again on the Airsoft community  by bring you our own flavour of military simulation, "WARZONE"  Battle Simulation Events.


Our aim is to immerse the airsoft player into a real battle scenario allowing them to take on the roll of a battle commander, section leader, support gunner or team medic etc.


This force organisation, combined with L.R.P (Live Role Players), all merged together into two days of missions which bring to bear the whole battle picture of air support, artillery, mortars, special forces, snatch squads, villagers, medics, nurses, & doctors, shopkeepers and not forgetting pyrotechnics allows us to provide a full on battle simulation weekend.


We are a non-profit club so all of our funds go back into the running of our sites and the club. We also give to charity which we do in one of two ways:


1. We make a donation to a charity of our choice.

2. We fund our members to go and play at charity airsoft events.